Powerview Group Of Companies is a contemporary business establishment renowned for using up-to-date data and technology in solving today’s problems in areas such as real estate, logistics, and gas.


Facility Management

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Powerview offers a comprehensive property and facility management solution that encompasses a wide range of projects, including commercial and residential properties, as well as renovation and construction projects. Our primary objective is to relieve our clients of the burdens associated with property and facility management by delivering unmatched services.

Our team consists of exceptionally skilled and certified professionals who specialize in delivering top-notch facility management solutions and services. Additionally, our professionals are dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards throughout the provision of our services.

Our Services

Our Property Management services include

Rent Role Management

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Powerview is a reputable real estate company and ranks among the best construction companies in Nigeria. The knowledge and experience gained from these areas enable us to provide the best services related to property management, operations, and marketing. We also understand that properties form part of our client’s assets investment portfolio, so ensuring the properties are fully occupied at all times and managed adequately is crucial to the kind of returns on investment our clients get. Therefore, we ensure your property portfolio is offering profits. We review current market trends and ensure that your property gets maximum return short and long-term.


Managing Tenant Relationships to Ensure Long-Term Occupancy


Powerview has developed a long-lasting, trusting relationship with its clients. Our experts review the latest market trends and implement strategies to deliver the best services. We monitor our processes regularly to ensure there are no potential problems. Being a reputable company, Powerview, use tried and trusted KYC techniques and reference companies to check proposed tenants. We are responsible when introducing applicants to property owners.


We realise the importance of maintaining a cordial property-owner/tenant relationship. Our local market knowledge and significant experience enable us to provide well-considered expert and accurate advice to our clients.


We know the importance of developing long-lasting trust relationships between property owners and tenants. We embed our knowledge and experience to provide the best advice to our clients. With diligent and professional lawyers, our experts and consultants deal with all types of tenancy renewal contracts.


Our professional and experienced team will get you out of any rental property problems while managing the relationship with the property owner. Our services ensure both tenants and property owners are happy.

Utilities Management to include Water, Power etc.

Energy-efficient and cost-effective utility management

Our professionals have the expertise to manage your utilities and make your business more profitable. We offer a wide range of services such as power and water management, gardening irrigation, waste and recycling landscaping, sewage management, and many others.

Waste and Recycling

Our core priority is to offer a reliable and adequately functional waste management system. Our waste and recycling team will help, no matter where you live or the type of business. Powerview is devoted to implementing the best strategies to meet the client’s residential and commercial collection and recycling needs.

Gardening and Landscaping

Our experts increase your property value by offering effective landscaping and gardening services. Alongside this, we ensure our experts take care of ongoing cleanups, makeovers, landscaping, installations, and garden maintenance. We perform all activities related to gardening such as planting, weeding, removing trees, or anything else to maintain your beautiful garden.

Janitorial Services

Powerview aims to offer outstanding janitorial services to our customers, corporate offices, healthcare centres, and commercial establishments. With our proven expertise, we are committed to promote cleanliness and safety in buildings and reinforce our commitment to environmental sustainability. This is the reason we’re always committed to offer effective janitorial services by integrating innovative resources and technologies.

Fumigation Services

Powerview a reputable fumigation services provider. We have made a clear long-term commitment to provide the best Eco-friendly pest control and fumigation services for Residential and Commercial properties. Our Services: includes removal and protection against Termites, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, and Rats, Mice, Snakes, Bedbugs, Mosquitoes and other pests. We give you the experience, training, skill, knowledge, affordable and effective services required to help protect your business from unwanted property destroyers.

Sewage Management

Along with all of the above-mentioned services, Powerview provides sewage management services. Our services include sewers septic systems, designer installation, and maintenance at most affordable rates.


High-end security for our people and community is our top priority

The security of our people is essential to us. We have always given priority to human lives and properties. Whether it is a small home, a building, or a large residential or commercial property, Powerview can provide the security package that best suits you. Being a leading security management company in Nigeria, Powerview helps customers in setup security management resources.


Powerview always gives priority to your security; therefore, we adopt measures to prevent an unauthorised person from accessing property, resources, equipment, and facilities. Our security officers perform their best to protect your property and personnel from theft and insurgence.

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