Powerview Group Of Companies is a contemporary business establishment renowned for using up-to-date data and technology in solving today’s problems in areas such as real estate, logistics, and gas.



Welcome to Powerview Group Of Companies, a pioneering force at the forefront of the LPG industry, logistics, construction, and real estate sectors. Our relentless commitment to solving industry challenges through cutting-edge technology and data integration makes us a top choice among industry leaders.

Our core values revolve around ensuring customer satisfaction and upholding the highest standards of professionalism, transparency, and effectiveness throughout every phase of our projects.

Since our official registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2011, we have continually expanded our service offerings and established a portfolio of thriving enterprises, which include Powerview Logistics, Powerview LPG, and Powerview Real Estate.

Discover how Powerview Group Of Companies is reshaping the landscape of the LPG industry, logistics, construction, and real estate with innovative solutions designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Join us on this transformative journey today.

Our Services

Real Estate

Powerview was licensed as a real estate establishment company in 2011 by the Corporate Affairs Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our professional team have high-level expertise, understanding, and knowledge of civil engineering, architecture & design, project management, and construction. We utilise their knowledge and expertise to meet customers’ requirements.

Powerview is a leading real estate company in Nigeria, striving to offer the best and state of the properties and designs throughout Africa. Our vision is to become the most reputable and top real estate and Construction Company in Nigeria, and eventually across the African continent.

We give importance to good-faith in business practices, excellence, creativity, flexibility, innovation, and hard work. This helped us in becoming one of the most sought after real estate company in Nigeria.


Being among top-notch construction companies in Nigeria, Powerview finds its core responsibility is to satisfy customers by providing modern and innovative services. We started our operations in 2011 after registering with the Corporate Affairs Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria. With time, we built up our reputation and are now among professional builders in Nigeria.

We make our workspace safe for clients, subcontractors, and employees. Being a reputable construction services company, we prioritise our client’s requirements and make sure our engineers foster designs that are right according to the client’s demand.
Our core values are commitment, integrity, and teamwork. We work to make construction sites safe, eliminate potential incidents, inspect all safety, and create training programs for our employees.


We ensure the following principles to monitor our work quality and monitor ongoing projects.
● Encouraging safe work environment
● Ensure safety everywhere every day.
● Injuries are preventable.



Powerview is among the best logistics companies in Nigeria striving to offer the best transportations services, including supply chain solution development. We deal with your transportation needs and ensure all safety measures are reviewed before sending it to the desired location. Among the best logistics companies in Nigeria, Powerview has become a leading tech logistics haulage firm in less time.

  • We aim to overcome all preconceived haulage norms of the logistics industry in Nigeria. With time, the supply chain has become more complex. Keeping that in view, we control all the processes, haulage, and data flows by merging the latest technologies. Currently, we’re offering safe, effective, and reliable delivery services. Our top-notch solutions ensure:
    ● Standardising process
    ● Enhanced management control
    ● Visibility and monitoring
    ● Centralisation of supply chain data
  • TRUCK CAPACITY: ADD 15 tons truck to it


Powerview Gas injects data, resources, and modern technologies to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We offer top-notch LPG supply services throughout Africa. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services in Nigeria. Powerview supplies Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to a variety of users, from industrial manufacturers to residential estates.

We have set the highest service standards to ensure an uninterrupted supply of Industrial gases. Our experts combine appropriate technology and utilise our best resources to deliver products to our clients on time with utmost safety. We’re a leading industrial gas supplier in Nigeria that ensures maximum safety while transferring the product to our customers.

Our professional and energetic team is always ready to transfer fuel to any state in Nigeria. We are one of the well-known LPG supplier companies in Nigeria and being a reputable LPG supplier in Nigeria, we ensure:
● Adequate ventilation to avoid fire during regular operation
● Understanding of the latest market trends and dynamics regarding LPG’s demand & supply
● Benchmark and monitoring market competitiveness
● Health administration and occupational safety
● Assembling essential equipment for safety

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Our Testimonials

What our clients say about us?

Luxurious design and innovation

I Love Powerview's open floor design. It's Clean and Luxurious.

Best Price!!!

Powerview's prices were better than others at the time we bought the Penthouse. Their Communication with us regarding construction was noteworthy.


I Personally recommend Powerview for luxury properties in Lagos. It was important to me to find trust-worthy developers who understand the importance of proper finishing and luxury aesthetics.

Outstanding, Integrity and Seamless Business Transactions!

I don't put my name behind any company except they check out to be outstanding, have integrity and make business transactions as seamless as possible. If you are a property rental company or an individual who needs to outsource property purchase or development in Nigeria, Powerview Group is definitely your best option. They are just absolutely amazing. They are great!


A list of our Finished Projects

2 Bedrooms Luxury Apartments 3 Bedrooms Luxury Penthouse with BQ    

2 Bedrooms Luxury Apartments 3 Bedrooms Luxury Penthouse with BQ